Hypermedia Wittgenstein – Gestures of some Examination

For Klie, Ludwig Wittgenstein has been the most important initiator of impulses for a long time. Since 1980, he had referred to him with changing focuses. In 2002, the most intensive stage started, beginning with the journey project “Wittgenstein’s Hytte” (“Wittgenstein’s Cottage”) (together with Wolfgang Buchholz). The first version of the “Wittgenstein Trilogy” in 2003/2006 was exhibited on the basis of the exhibition “Überindividuell“ (“Over Individual”) in Berlin. The climax was reached at the exhibition “Philo so and so phie”, at the International Wittgenstein Symposium in Passau in 2006.
With multimedia means, a really minute “examination” or “analysis” was accomplished: Wittgenstein’s way of thinking and his life were apparently reconstructed in the “Plastischen Simulationen 1–14“ (“Plastic Simulations 1 – 14”) and commented, 14 aspects simulated fictitious situations of his life and underlined them with perceptual materials from his time, with verified facts, taken from his life, and with text passages of his works. But in reality, a part of his life was reproduced, something was staged that has never happened – but could have happened. Only in our minds, in the world of possibility, it could become valid, become real and achieve factuality. Analogous to the situation of the work group “Amorphous Concepts”, the recipient became “dis-illusioned”, what he seemed to have understood, was illusion and it also became visible as such.

Since 2005, his confrontation with the late works of Ludwig Wittgenstein started and from 2007 onwards, led to a caesura which should be significant for all the following works of Klie. The rational-philosophical aspects, the rigid matter-of-fact duct of his work were already overcome in 2008, for the benefit of a more “poetic-diction playing” dimension of handling pictures and texts. For Klie, the turning point in Wittgenstein’s late philosophy was exemplary for his own works: as an analogous change of perspectives.

Klie ended his Wittgenstein phase with the conceptual work of “Hypermedia Wittgenstein”, a fictitious project of exhibition for an anniversary exhibition “80 Years of House Wittgenstein in Vienna”, in 2008. Consequently, it contains the concept of “dis-illusion” as topic once more: The photographic volume with CD comprised all the projected photo installations, texts and additional photographs of the spaces (simulated photos of the exhibition), although the project had never taken place except for the projection, preparation and conception. Additional to the “catalogue”, a booklet documented the correspondence, the journey to Vienna and the projections of the exhibition with chronologically arrange texts and photographs.




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